C-UAS Technology

AUDS comprises three key elements of C-UAS technology, which are controlled via an intuitive operator console:

AUDS Radar | Detect AUDS Radar | Detect

The AUDS Radar is a modular non-rotating, electronic-scanning system using power efficient PESA and FMCW technologies to provide reliable, small and slow UAS detection even in complex environments.

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AUDS EO System | Track AUDS EO System | Track

The AUDS EO System is hosted as a removable EO sensor pod that easily attaches to the AUDS positioner, which is based on an in-service two-axis stabilised mount.

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AUDS RF Inhibitor | Defeat AUDS RF Inhibitor | Defeat

The AUDS RF Inhibitor is a purpose-designed multi-band system, engineered for maximum effectiveness against UAS command and control (C2) links, whilst mitigating collateral impact.

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AUDS Operator Console & GUI AUDS Operator Console & GUI

The system elements of AUDS (Radar, EO System and RF Inhibitor) are fully integrated into the operator console. The AUDS Operator Console requires a single operator and comprises two screens.

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