Key Markets

The rise of the consumer and prosumer drone markets has highlighted the wide range of existing and new potential threats within the counter-UAS threat landscape.

These threats can be classified into two broad categories – Malicious and Errant:

Malicious intent

  • Militant groups are exploiting consumer drones for:
    • Battlefield reconnaissance
    • Dropping small bombs/IEDs
    • Propaganda footage for recruitment videos
  • Acts of terrorism:
    • Flying drone into the flight path of commercial airliner
    • Creating fear by causing temporary closure of airports, stadiums or disruption of national public events
  • Drug smuggling:
    • Prosumer and custom-built drones are being used for international cross-border smuggling of narcotics
  • Industrial espionage:
    • Hostile surveillance by rival manufacturers for reasons of IP theft (vehicle proving grounds and test tracks)
    • Breaching secure perimeters for cyber hacking and covert information gathering

Errant operation

  • Unwanted surveillance by Paparazzi
    • VIP privacy intrusion
  • Untrained users around sensitive areas
    • Airports
    • Key national sites (administrative buildings: courts, parliaments, etc.)
    • Power stations
  • Incursions by inquisitive operators

AUDS has been designed to help mitigate all of the above threats.