About Us

Countering the threat caused by rogue drones is now a global issue and an increasing concern for the military, government and homeland security forces across every continent. It is expected that unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) will be used increasingly for malicious purposes as they can carry cameras, weapons, toxic chemicals and explosives and are being used increasingly for terrorism, espionage and smuggling purposes.

The AUDS counter-UAS system was developed by a consortium of UK defence companies to address the growing threat from malicious and errant unmanned aircraft systems.

Utilising robust battle proven technology from Blighter Surveillance Systems, Chess Dynamics and Enterprise Control Systems, this fully integrated mission-deployed TRL-9 rated system, can detect, track and defeat a drone in approximately 15 seconds at a range of up to 10 km (6 miles).

The AUDS system detects the drone using state-of-the-art electronic scanning micro-Doppler radar, tracks it using high precision infrared and daylight cameras and advanced video tracking software, before using a non-kinetic radio frequency (RF) inhibitor to defeat the drone. Using AUDS, an operator can effectively take control of the drone and force a safe landing.

AUDS is field proven to detect all types of drones including fixed wing and quadcopters. The consortium is also committed to constantly evolving the AUDS platform to respond to new threats and stay ahead in the dynamic UAS countermeasures market.

AUDS is a strategic system designed for use by the military, police, other government and non-government agencies for protecting high value critical national infrastructure and personnel.